5terreMy name’s Maria and I’m a local Tour Guide in Lucca.

I was born in Wales (G.B.) Thirty years ago by italian parents and when I was six they decided to go back to their origins, Italy. Lucca is the city where my father was born and grew up and so they chose to move back here. What a great choice!

I decided to start this job because I have always been passionate about history, art, architecture and culture, but I only started to appreciate my city even more when I went away for four years to study at Manchester University in the U.K. (I got a B.A. in history of Art and of architecture); so when I got back I decided to put all my passions into one bag and out came the Tour Guide (I obtained the professional license required by Italian law).

Group photoMLF stands for Maria Lucrezia Felice. MLF Tuscan Tours originated from the will to bring together this passion and knowledge, placing them at the service of whoever would like to discover and get to know this region.

With MLF Tuscan Tours I wanted to create an innovative and personalized guide. Groups, families, couples and friends can create a made to measure tour throughout personalized guided tours and the organization of stays and itineraries, with a friendly and welcoming service.

I’m proud to share the beauties of my city and region with people from all around the world and I love for them to take home even just a part of this passion. I think Tuscany is one of the most enchanting places and when I’m touring around with people I always try (although it comes naturally) not only to share facts, history and knowledge on the area, but also the enthusiasm and affection towards these wonderful places…